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Growing up I wasn't like a usual little girl, I was a tomboy who looked forward to nothing more than getting home from school and picking up my favourite Stephen King novel, which later developed into a James Herbert admiration.


At just ten years old, I remember writing  a letter to Stephen King, shortly after I finished reading his book, Pet Cemetary and told him that I loved his stories and his writing so much, that one day I too would be a writer for the horror genre. (I'd like to add, I never did get a reply from Stephen.)


At school, I always excelled in English Language and gained an A at GCSE level, after which I went on to get an English A Level (as well as Business Studies , Marketing and Art) and decided to continue my studies to Portsmouth University, where I got myself a BA Hons degree in Media Studies. It was when I was at University that my lecturer (hi Laurie) said to me 'Steph, you'd make a really great Copywriter'. With no idea what one was, I did a bit of research and with a real passion for writing, decided to try my hardest to get into copywriting as a profession. Over the past nine years I have been employed as and worked freelance as a Copywriter and Proofreader.


It was three years ago whilst copy-editing someone else's manuscript, that I realised I didn't want to be reading someone else's writing anymore, I wanted to be writing my own. I got one chapter into my manuscript, got engaged and the wedding took over. I got married in Decemeber 2012 and so January 2013 was when I started taking my writing seriously and picked up from where I left off. 


I didn't have to think hard about what genre I would write, horror has always been 'my thing' and growing up with a family who have more experiences than a common horror novel collection could expose; I decided to write from the heart and dedicate my first novel to the Grandad I never met but heard so much about, Grandad Dick, who just so happened to be a seance host. And so was born my first manuscript, The House on Poultney Road.


After the success of my debut novel, The House on Poultney Road, there was a huge demand for a sequel which I succumbed to and It Found Me was published in October 2014.  


My third novel, AVIOPHOBIA was published in July 2016 after a slight delay caused by having a gorgeous baby boy who took up a fair bit of my spare time. You can find out more about Aviophobia HERE



As well as writing, I have started to attend ghost hunts around the country and have connected with a few of the best paranormal teams to investigate with. They are great fun and really open your eyes to what (or who) else is out there. I now share my experiences with you via reviews on this website GHOST HUNT REVIEWS I love my gorgeous husband, Elliott; Mum, Yvonne (who is also my partner-in-horror), family, baby cat Gizmo, horror movies, ghost trails, shopping, shoes, etc etc


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