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My First Book Launch

Online using Ginicam


When my agent, Rick, asked if I’d like to get involved with a new online media platform called Ginicam, I thought it sounded great. If I’m honest I’m always up for pretty much anything and the chance of using the platform for a book launch sounded perfect for me being that my readers are based all over the world.


It was only suggested a couple of weeks before the intended date as we wanted to do it for Halloween (as it was quite fitting), so I pushed as much as I could on both Facebook and Twitter. I decided to charge for tickets as I wanted to raise money for Parkinson’s research which is a charity that I hold very close to my heart (my Grandfather lost his battle to the disease twenty-five years ago and now my father is suffering with it).


We sold a fair few tickets and besides being perhaps a little nervous, I was extremely excited when the day came. Rick and the Ginicam team were extremely professional and we had a couple of run-throughs and rehearsals beforehand. I had pre recorded a short reading from my new book, It Found Me but the rest of the launch was live online.


People had the option of a standard viewing ticket which allowed them to sit back, relax and watch the launch, and also the option of a premium interactive ticket which allowed them to ask questions on screen which I answered live.


We found out just before the broadcast that viewers needed to download and watch through Google Chrome (it’s a new system and it was only a temporary glitch) but the team were on call and helped everyone get online and comfortable for the show.


Rick was great. He would give Jonathan Ross a run for his money! And the whole show went smoothly - the feedback from those who 'attended' was extremely positive. It went so well in fact that I have decided to run a Paranormal Club once a month. It will run in the same way – I will be online from home and you can join me to discuss your own paranormal experiences, ghost hunts and events, and you can ask me about my experiences both paranormal and as a writer if you are looking to get into it as a profession or hobby.


I am really excited and I cannot praise Ginicam enough for their effort and support and I encourage anyone with a talent – like writing, singing or presenting, or even if you work as a teacher – Ginicam could be a great platform for you. 

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