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Colin Fry - Voices From Heaven Tour


I have attended a fair few psychic evenings and had just one private reading. It may be hard to believe, but I’m pretty sceptical when it comes to mediumship but I’m open minded. My favourite physic nights have been at Dish in Saffron Walden with Ronnie Buckingham. He was so precise and spot on with some of his connections, I found it difficult to question his obvious ability. So when my Mum offered me the opportunity to see Colin Fry live pretty close to my home town, I jumped at the chance.


There was a huge queue outside the town hall when we arrived but it all seemed well organised and we were inside before too long. The seats were a bit crammed in if I’m honest – you could tell that they considered quantity more important than quality. We were two rows from the back which was fine for me but unfortunately my Mum is hard of hearing and could not hear Colin at all. But seats were on a first come, first served basis and we knew that when we booked them so it was our fault for being late.


Colin came on stage on-time and he was quite a funny guy. He spent the first short while introducing himself and his beliefs when it comes to his work which I found rather interesting. He is a Reverend which I didn’t know and learning about his first paranormal experiences as a child and how that got him into what he does now was rather fascinating as it was all about being in the right place at the right time. I liked the guy and I was looking forward to the show.


The first half which ran for little over an hour was good. He matched things like suicide, particular household items such as chimney pots and car obsessions which was rather impressive. I think the first half of the show had everyone impressed – even me!


During the break I saw him walking his two French Bulldogs (which by the way are adorable) and this added to his likeable character. However the second half let him and his show down. The first thirty minutes he spent telling us about his Mum and how he had lost her earlier on in the year which was very sad but he somehow turned it around and had the audience smiling. But then he had a brief Q&As section. Someone asked what he thought of shows like The Cottage, which I’ve not heard of but from his reply I guessed it is similar to Most Haunted and his reply I found quite surprising. He said that he didn’t really agree with people who go looking for proof or evidence on ghost hunts. He said that such things should be left alone and people shouldn’t interfere with the dead. Now, I understand everyone has a right to their own opinion (and he did express this also) but I found it a little contradictory when he was stood on stage taking part in a psychic night which in effect, attracts several ghosts or spirits and in fact, really has an emotional effect on those around him. Some of the things he was saying to the audience had them in tears and I think that this is more powerful than walking around a spooky building looking for proof of life after death. I can understand the difference between being a psychic and being a ghost hunter but I think that both have the ability to draw on something that may well be better left alone.


The second half was a little tedious with not many correct connections with the audience and for me, I would have liked it to have finished at the end of the Q&As but he continued with the show for another forty minutes or so and in my opinion it was about forty minutes too long.


Did I enjoy the show? Yes, I think I did but I wouldn’t recommend it. It takes a lot to impress me when I go to ghost hunts and psychic evenings and although for an hour or so it was very good, it lost me half way through.   

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