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My future writing


I write from the heart and my heart will always be full of ghosts, ghouls and other things that make it beat faster. I love the thrill of suspense and mystery, and I love the imagination required to delve into the unknown. My debut novel, The House on Poultney Road will always be my 'baby’. It is one that took a few years to complete; it took a lot of research into my family, interviews and bringing up a lot of memories that revolve around very mixed feelings of happiness, confusion and fear. I loved writing the story that refers back to the life and experiences of my grandparents and put all of the emotions to paper, building their characters so that a reader can imagine them.


Fiction - it will always be horror or psychologic thrillers!


As a writer, I could never imagine delving into other genres, the entertainment which consumes my life has always been revolved around the gruesomeness of horror and the unpredictability of the genre is what makes my fingers twitch. Another category which I think fits perfectly in the horror genre are psychological thrillers and I have a few plots up my sleeve. Sometimes some of the most terrifying stories can be heard on the evening news or read in a newspaper, because they are horrors that could happen to anyone.


My fourth novel, What She Wouldn't Give is a psychologic thriller that will have you guessing until the very last page.


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