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The House on Poultney Road : Prologue

I hardly know where to start. How do you put such terror into words when the words I choose need to be real, not just a fabrication of a well educated imagination. I know that you may have your doubts and conclude with your own presumptions; and with no hard-evidence to offer, I am asking for you to explore and consider your deepest beliefs. I am unable to refer to this as a story, it goes much deeper than that of a progressive tale with happy ever afters. What you are about to read is real; the feelings and emotions described have actually been lived. The fear felt. This is a narrative of the events which took place across almost a century, 1903 to 1983, in a house which stood closely among others and for many years shared the usual comforts of home. This house was once safe, it was a comfortable place to spend time but over time, it evolved into a dark emptiness which the house of Poultney Roads’ residents would never forget. It was hidden away from what it once was and over time had emerged as a building of strong, solid bricks which concealed more secrets than some members of my family wish to remember.


I am not writing this in an attempt to scare you but yet to inform you of what exists, whether you choose to believe it or not. This is not a fictional novel, created to shock and leave you in suspense but is instead a retelling of what happened to several generations of a family who had lived their lives as any other but who were, quite literally, introduced to another world.


I guess you could consider this a warning, that perhaps you should believe your instincts instead of living your life creating explanations and judgements. Seeing is believing some might say but learning about the house on Poultney Road could prepare you for something you may one day come face to face with and perhaps prevent you from the pain that that this house bought to so many.


Safe in your own home; sit back in a comfortable chair and turn on the side light. The beam will comfort you through this roller-coaster of memories which have left their mark on everyone who entered The House on Poultney Road.  

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