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The Promise

I promise to always love you as I do today,

And always take your side;

I promise to make you happy in every way,

And always stand beside you with pride.


I promise to hold you if you’re ever weak,

And be your strength when you might tumble;

I promise to share a silence when we cannot speak,

And be there when you might stumble.


I promise to share your life with you,

No matter what it has in store;

I promise to encourage all you do,

And that it will always be you I adore.


I promise to be your soul mate,

And never jeopardise what we have now;

I promise for you I’ll always wait,

We will never give up, or fail.


I promise that today I love you,

With every inch of my heart;

You’re my best friend, now my husband too,

And nothing can tear us apart.


I could never be without you,

I could never imagine you not there;

You’re my world & without you it would be,

A world that’s full of despair.

Nothing is going to change,

We will always be ‘us’,

We will build a marriage on friendship,

A marriage bound by love & trust.


I know that real love needs work sometimes,

And work I’m prepared to do;

I will work at whatever it takes to ensure,

That I get to spend forever with you.


I promise to make you happy,

And never feel your heart with sorrow;

I love you more today than yesterday,

But not half as much as tomorrow.


I promise that together we will grow old and grey,

Be with each other until the end;

You are not only now my husband & soul mate,

But also my best friend.



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